Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rewarding my Achievements

Look what I managed in my yoga class this morning?!!  I am SO proud of myself!  This is more difficult than it looks, I assure you!  It takes a lot of muscle control and balance.  Yes, I need to work on it more, I can see I'm listing a bit to the right, but just being able to get my legs up there and hold them that way is a big friggin' deal!!

I cried in my car afterward looking at this picture.  It is just SO far away from Fat Cole who could barely get up a flight of steps right-side-up.  Had I not asked my instructor to take the picture, I would have been making excuses as to why it wasn't as awesome as it really was, and I never would have told anyone else about it.  But here is the proof.

I am amazing.

I felt the need to reward myself for it, and of course Fat Cole's first idea was to stop at the local Dunkin Donuts I have to drive by, but I white knuckled the steering wheel and headed straight home.  My husband has recently decided he might like to start running with me (inside SQUEAL!), but needed some new sneakers and shorts.  So we headed out for the afternoon and along the way, I snagged these beauties.  Some things really should just come with a person's name written on them, because these were made for me.  I love everything about them and for $10, they became an AWESOME reward for my new accomplishment.  


  1. I reaaly LOVE your new kicks!!! where did you get them???

  2. Kmart!!!! I LURRRVE THEM! Been wearing them all week! :0)