Friday, May 3, 2013

A Soldier in the War on Obesity

Today, at the suggestion of friends, I opened a Facebook group called "Habitually Healthy."  I'm not sure I know what I'm getting myself into at this point, but so many people ask me on a daily basis, "How'd you do it?" that it just seemed easier to send out mass messages, which is what brings me here as well.  I've had several different blogs at this point detailing my trek to the other side of the scale in losing 160 lbs, the most popular being The Evolution of C. 

Now that I have reached a point of satisfaction with the number on the scale, I'm ready to focus on honing the heathy day-to-day habits and decision making skills I have developed these past 3 years, and share the tips and tricks I've established and come upon with the rest of the world.

I see myself as a soldier on the front lines in the fight against obesity.  I won't rest until I've poured out every last hope and idea I've got to help other people struggling to survive in a world of too much and plenty.

Here goes nothin'...

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  1. Woot! Great job on your life changes and good luck on your blog!